Hypnotic Video Marketing

If you want quick and efficient growth, you know the importance of getting traffic. The best widget in the
world will not create a profitable business if no one knows about it. The rapid growth of online video is
our cue to use it as a marketing channel for your business. Rather than pull people away from where they’re
going so that they can view your message, simply bring your message to where the people are already going.
With the Internet’s wide reach and the reduction of technology costs, even small businesses are now able to
leverage video in their marketing efforts. While the «big boys» can continue to spend millions of dollars
producing Super Bowl commercials, many small businesses and people are claiming their piece of the opportunity.
The proverbial pie has indeed gotten bigger. In addition, tests have shown that traditional online sales
pages convert at 2-3% while those using video convert at 8-11%.
In both offline and online marketing efforts, most businesses focus on persuading their customers by using
logic and unique product features. While that can play a role, as you know already, people buy based on emotion
and back it up with logic. You probably experience this every day when you watch television commercials.
The ones that are most popular and move you to actually buy the product are those that evoked a strong emotion
within you.
The more

senses we engage in our communication with others, the more likely they will receive our message. We want to
engage our audience’s senses directly. The key for more successful delivery is to relate those abstract
concepts to tangible, sensory-based experiences. Great communicators (e. g., salespeople, orators, authors,
teachers, etc.) throughout history have shared this rare talent.
Hypnotic Techniques for Video
To create more effective and influential marketing videos you must use these psychological foundations as part
of your video creation process (i. e., concepts, scripting, post-production, distribution). Here are a few
ideas you can begin using immediately.
Build rapport by identifying with their current point of view and where they want to go. This will significantly
reduce resistance from the conscious mind.
Tell lots of stories to get people engaged in following your train of thought. In order for them to comprehend
and identify with your story their conscious mind must accept what you’re saying as true.
Music is one of the most powerful ways to engage people’s emotions and other subconscious triggers. Using
appropriate intro or background music to your message is a key hypnotic influence strategy.
Make sure you (or your spokesperson) use body language and voice tonality to reflect the way you want the
customer to feel. For example, if you want them to feel calm and comforted by your message, you may want your
voice to be quiter and slower, and your gestures to be slower and more reserved.
Engage your audience’s senses even more by using appropriate visuals (movie clips, photos, props) and audio
(sound effects). While these elements can be incorporated directly into the video, eliciting a strong sensory
memory can be just as effective (e. g. tell them to remember the smell/taste/touch of their favorite meal).
As more people and businesses use video as a means of online marketing, you’ll want to use these techniques
and many more to differentiate your message and ensure your audience gets the greatest impact.