Ever wondered what actually differentiates an experienced marketer from a novice one?

The answer would of
course be experience. Those who have spent some time analyzing and understanding the internet market would
be sure of what they are doing and when they are doing it. In this study, there is
one thing that they all understand and follow – doing one thing at a time.

People tend to start multiple processes at the same time with the hope that things will get completed
sooner which would mean the results could be attained faster. What they do not understand is that by starting
multiple things simultaneously, they are actually dividing their time and attention between them all which
actually means that none of the started processes get the required amount of time. Division of time also causes
division in concentration and most people are not able to handle the pressure. The end results in such
situations are never favorable.

It is best to dedicate all the time to one task at a time. For example, if you are into manufacturing of shirts,
it would be best to first develop a website. Only when it is completely ready should you make a blog and
then work on link building. If this process is followed, getting advertisements wouldn’t be very hard and traffic
would come automatically once the website gets listed with the search engines (the search engines are always
on a lookout for websites that are complete and meet all the requirements)

When designing a website, a developer has to follow a sequence of steps of an internet marketing plan if he
wishes to complete it without hurdles. The structure has to be made first followed by entry of content and then
the advertisements. If the structure is not complete and someone tries to add advertisements, it will only
mean a waste of time and effort because they would have to be removed to complete the structure anyways. On
an average, one can estimate to complete this process in twice the actual time that it could have been completed in.

For someone who does not have the patience, there is a good chance that they will leave it midway due to
frustration which again would not be a move in the right direction. Think of internet marketing as a puzzle
in which everything has to be done in the right order and in the right manner in order to win from the competition.
Make a list of everything that has to be done. This should be done in the order of priority. Try and list the
income producing activities higher up on the list so that small but steady income is always coming in. Once all
the steps are completed, the income should increase drastically.

Remember that the end result is always more important than the mid term results. Never take the goal off your
sight and continue working towards it. Be patient and keep working in a systematic manner with a motive mind
frame. Castles were not bilt in a day nor can internet marketing be done in a day.