How do slot streamers earn and how profitable is it?

Recently, an increasing number of YouTube viewers prefer to spend time watching online broadcasts rather than the usual user-uploaded videos. The video streaming trend is growing by leaps and bounds and covers new thematic areas. Gambling is not left out of this trend. It may seem silly that someone is interested in watching other people playing online poker or spinning slots in online casinos. However, the atmosphere of excitement, the theme of big winnings and the opportunity to interact with streamers quickly found their viewers. Someone learns to play himself with the help of the streams. As a result, thousands of people watch YouTube and Twitch broadcasts devoted to online gambling.

The presenters themselves have different purposes. Poker players most often use this way to promote the poker rooms they represent or that they wish to represent. Some of them use online streaming as a way to discipline their game: it’s easier to do it under the eyes of thousands of people. Others stream for the sake of self-promotion and promotion. Players who stream their actions at online casinos are usually only interested in the extra profit. The money on the game itself can be earned without the viewers. If you are even a little bit familiar with the internet gambling industry, then you know that online casinos are spinning much larger sums than poker. 

Everyone can now access jackpot city casino casino canada and other casinos through https://slots-online-canada.com/review/jackpot-city-casino/, but many players prefer to watch the streams. So on what is based on the earnings streamers slots?

Earnings on advertising

Streaming slots profitable casinos themselves. It is an axiom. When the viewer watches the game streamer, he willy-nilly charges the atmosphere of excitement, bites the colorful picture and exciting bonuses. The result is an interest in playing at a particular online casino. That’s why it’s not necessary to be educated in advertising to understand how great the benefits of streaming are for the casinos themselves.

In turn, an enterprising streamer will not miss an opportunity to make some money. Moreover, it’s silly not to make a little profit from a casino where you play online in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of viewers. It’s a realistic way to make money, but the payoff from advertising is not the same everywhere. Sometimes it is a stable payment for regular advertising, and sometimes for the number of new players you attracted by streaming. Some are happy with bonuses and cashback, or earn on the game itself. Earnings from attracting new users, that is, as a partner (affiliate) of the casino or poker room is the most common. Surely, you’ve noticed that in the descriptions of broadcasts there are links to the registration page in the casino. It is almost always a referral link. How much may earn on such a collaboration, it is impossible to say unequivocally. Casino partners hide the terms of their work.

As for the affiliates, there are three ways to make a profit:

  • a percentage of the result of the referral (50%-60%);
  • a fixed amount for any deposit;
  • a fixed amount for a deposit of a specific amount (from $50 to $400).

Conclusions? Everyone will draw his own. But it is unequivocally possible to say that affiliate links for slots streamers are the main source of income from streaming. You cannot get so much money on poker affiliates. Also on the Internet there are rumors about the possible “tweaking” slot machines in favor of the streamer. By prior arrangement with him, of course. This is done ostensibly to improve the marketing effect, but streamers deny this information. However, it is during the streaming players suddenly become too lucky. If you would like to get access to the best casinos and you do not need the advice of streamers, it makes sense to use the site https://slots-online-canada.com/online-casinos/best/.