How To Make Your Marketing”Evergreen”

Hey, folks. Philipp Lomboy with Automated Marketing Strategies, and I wanted to share with you a
quick tip on setting up your automated evergreen marketing funnel.

One of the things that advanced marketers and entrepreneurs start thinking about after they’ve
reached the level of success is, «Hey, this is great. Glad that we’re able to kind of hustle to
get to where we are now. How can we make things a lot easier for us in the future?»
And one of the ways to do that is to convert your marketing and sales processes from kind of a manual
«churn-and-burn» type of activity, where it’s requiring a lot of work and effort from you and your
staff, to something that is more automated, more «evergreen».
This means that it just continues on and on without you having to touch it that much at all.
So how do you do that?
Well, one of the ways that we have been able to do that successfully for our clients is through
automated webinars.
Now, what is that exactly?
Essentially, a webinar is an online seminar where you use a provider like GoToWebinar, WebEx, or
similar system to reach your audience.
Those systems typically allow you to record your webinar for later viewing.
So what you do with an automated webinar is that you take that recording and you make it available
on a periodic basis to your prospects as they come to you.
For example, you’re getting new traffic from Facebook ads or Google or even direct mail are all that
kind of new blood that you’re bringing in to your business, well, you can funnel them into this
webinar that was created a long time ago, but still offers them real value.
So there’s a couple of nuances that you want to think about when it comes to that particular automated
webinar that you’re making available.
One is the type of information that you’re putting in there.
Is it what do we call time-less or is it time-ly?
Timely information is such that it is something that is now.
Maybe you have a trending topic in your industry or there’s a news item, something you saw on Good
Morning America or CNN, and you want to make commentary on that.

Well, that is something that is relevant right at that particular moment and it doesn’t last very long.
It doesn’t have a lot of staying power because people forget the news after a certain amount of time.
For example, if I put out an automated webinar and the topic is something that happened just yesterday,
well, depending on how important that topic is and the lessons there in, it may not be very relevant
two months from now to two years from now.
So that’s something that’s a bit more timely.
Time-less information is kind of fundamentals.
Regardless of when you apply it or when your audience sees it, it’s going to be relevant to them no
matter what.
For example, in the marketing arena, the concepts of lead generation or lead nurturing or sales follow-up,
all of that is timeless information.
So regardless of when people actually get to that content, whether it’s today or 5 years from now, it’s
something that they could use immediately and will still be relevant.
But also, you want to think about how it’s presented.
There are two considerations in your presentation.
One is what are you saying.
If in your presentation you are making references to events that happened yesterday, two weeks ago,
or even on particular days or months or particular dates, you want to minimize that as much as possible.
Most of our clients, they say, «Hey, we recorded this webinar two weeks ago; can you turn it into an
automated webinar?»
Sure, but we’ve got to review the entire thing first.
Did you make references specifically to dates or times?
If so, then we have to make corrections.
The second thing is what did they actually show on the webinar itself – the visual component.
This could come from actual dates on the slideshow presentation, to calendar reminders popping up, to
the date and time on your computer screen.
If people that watch the webinar 5 months from the time it was recorded, and sees an old date,
psychologically it jolts them a little bit.
While we’re telling them the webinar is LIVE, their brain will still think, «Wait a minute, that’s
not today’s date!»
So that’s something we want to cut out as well.
The way we do that is by making edits within our video editing software Screenflow (although you can
use whatever software you have).
Basically, any visual references with past dates must be replaced or removed.
We do that by using the «Add Freeze Frame» feature in Screenflow.
That allows us to overwrite the video with the dates with a «frozen» image without any date references.
The result is a webinar that has been «evergreen-ized» and is now suitable for future replays and rebroadcasts.
Those are my tips for you when you’re considering putting together an automated evergreen panel specifically
with webinar.
So why do I share this information with you?
Well, if you’re watching this video, chances are you have your own questions or concerns about your own
marketing efforts.
And if that’s the case, I encourage you to reach out to me.
I deal with this every single day and I would welcome a conversation with you.
So if you’d like that to happen, just go to PowerCallWithPhil. com and request your complimentary
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Well, that’s about it for today, folks, I Hope that was helpful for you.
Cheers for your success and we’ll talk soon!