Ninja Techniques to Drive Instant Traffic

Sales Within 72 Hours of Your First Post
So after watching Syndication Strategies Instant Blog Traffic Magic by Empower Network Ive
Organized what I call Ninja Techniques that you can use to drive Massive Traffic and Sales
to your blog within just 72 Hours of your first online blog post.
Seems Crazy?! I know right I wish I had this stuff 4 years ago when I started online marketing.
Keep reading for some goodies..
In the training, Chris Record, Empower Network training in the Viral Blogging Systems 15K Per
Month Formula, gives an outline of how to get immediate traffic to your blog without waiting to
rank in google. Im sure you are aware that making your way to the top of the Google rankings
overnight is becoming more and more difficult since the Panda and Penguin google algorithm updates.
So, Ive expounded on his two hour presentation, and am giving you the meat and potatoes, right
here, so that you can get a return on your time and money invested into your the Empower Network
blog within 72 hours. For whatever niche market or products you are selling, these strategies
work, and they work especially well to sell internet marketing training such as the Empower Network
viral blogging system (especially since you can earn 100% commissions on high-ticket products
and get paid weekly).
So, heres my short-hand formula so that you can start making money without even watching the
entire training!
Step 1: Create TWO very good typed versions of the blog article. Once you do the work and research
once, re-word every sentence of your article (or pay someone to do so, like high-school son or
nephew or some kid you can pay $7 or barter for their allowance money or household chores?). What
you want to do is make sure you create two unique verisons of each article. This will compound
your results over the next 30-90 days and later on you will see why.
Since the article will take 2-3 months to rank on google, start posting them to a Wide variety of
high-traffic submission sites, instead of just focusing on ranking in google. Spend just as much
time as you spent writing the article on instant promotion and you will see traffic come in right
away. Then you can make your first sales within 24-72 hours after posting your article.
The second unique post is going to be posted to a wide range of like 10 or 20 sources a process
known as Syndication of your Content. Youd like the post on your blog to be unique and not copied
anywhere else, hence the reasons you reword your article for posting on these other syndication

Make sure to get an account with Copyscape and pass your article for being unique.
If you join our Empower Network team for just $25, we will give you the exact list of Syndication
sites that we post to that are getting KILLER TRAFFIC and RESULTS within 72 hours. (scroll below
to join)
Our private team is a community working to ensure each other succeed. We have a proven plan to get
you your first 100 website visitors per day benchmark and thus make about 1-2 sales a day on autopilot.
This can all be accomplished within 90 days or less, depending on how hard you work.
Step 2: After writing your original article, youll wish to wait a couple hours, or have someone
else read your article (like our private community members). We want to make sure you have or add a
catchy sentence at the top of each post, so that you pull the reader in. You have only 6 seconds to
grab the readers attention so that you can make an impression and get them to read on and follow
through to the read the entire article. If you can get readers to read your entire article, you
make an impact on them and are making yourself credible for a long-term relationship of them buying
your high-ticket items now or later.
Studies show that content marketing gives a 300% Return on Investment than traditional forms of
up front advertising, and with the Empower Network system, you will probably get 3, 000-10, 000%
return thanks to our Page Rank and unique credibility of our site within google (plus it�s easy
to set up). Stick it out for the long-term relationship credibility and within 3 to 6 months, you
can become a popular website or teacher in your niche, and you can make a killing in any profitable
market working from your pajamas like I do
Step 3: Make each post into a Video. You want to make 3 pieces of Content for each post
1) for your blog reader, using SEO keywords and the tools in SEOPressor, to rank on Google, Yahoo,
and Bing eventually. 2) to post on 10-20 syndication sites within 1 hour, for instant traffic
within 72 hours, and 3) to post to Youtube and the other Video sites such as Metacafe, Vimeo, and the
list of other video sites out there.
If your shy at first about putting your face on video, use a tool like zinepal. com to instantly
create your article into a powerpoint slideshow. Then use Screencase-o-matic to record your screen
while reading through the slides through your computer microphone. Upload the recording to the video
sites and your done.
Another tool you can use is a great tool like Article Video Robot that takes your pre-written
article, turns it into slides with a computer-human-sounding voice reading it. It also selects
low-volume music, and selects on-topic images and inserts them into the slideshow. Within about
an hour youve got a video to post to many different video sites, pointing back to your main
money-site (probably your Empower Network blog site).
Step 4: Another great idea Chris mentioned in his video, is to record your voice while walking
(there is an App called Microphone, or use a miniature handheld record from Radioshack), and you
can literally speak a blog post while walking your dog or pushing your infants in a stroller at
the park.
When you have a weeks worth of articles recorded, send the batches once a week to pay someone on
Fiverr. com to transcribe your spoke words into an article. Throw some keywords in your article,
and post it on your site and boom. more Content for the search engines to pick up on!
Id recommend you go over and all out on your BEST articles, to do 20 or 30 syndication sites within
72 hours after posting your article. You can also pay an extra $40 or $100 for Social Sharing
sites to get legit likescomments and shares on facebook, twitter, digg, and about 10 other
social sites. Google is noticing the likes/comments/shares as extremely important and causing your
posts to rank on google.
Once you rank on google for a few good articles, youll be compounding your results and be able to
eventually take a step back, pay a college kid or someone on warriorforum to write articles for you,
and you can sit back and manage your operation and be making $15, 000 a month like Empower
Network teaches in its system.
Be prepared to put in 6 -12 months of work before planning on taking a back seat management position
over your site and sales; and make sure you get to the next Major Event, so that you can build
those valuable relationships with your Team to leverage your time and efforts!
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