Why Using Motivation In Your Marketing Isn’t Enough

You know how it can be hard to get clients and prospects to take action, even when you
do your best to motivate them with great offers? In this episode I share another approach
you can use to vastly improve your results.
Hey, folks. Philipp Lomboy here with Automated Marketing Strategies, and I wanted to share
with you why motivation isn’t always enough to be successful with your marketing.
For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a challenge with my daughters when it’s time for bed
and they have to brush their teeth.
Typically my wife and I help them get ready for bed, put toothpaste on their toothbrushes,
and while we get other things ready, the girls brush their teeth.
But over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had the challenge of giving them toothbrush and then
10 seconds, maybe 30 seconds later they call out, «I’m finished!»
Of course I know they cannot be done after such a short period of time.
Well, I figured I could solve it by telling them, «Okay, just for each part of your teeth,
remember to brush it ten times.»
Now that worked for a little while but they soon fell back to their lackluster toothbrushing.
At that point I decided to use some «motivation» by yelling at them to do it properly, using
the «stick» approach to get their compliance.
While it may have worked in the moment, I knew that it wouldn’t last very long. Of course,
I didn’t want to be «that guy» that needs to yell at his kids to brush their teeth either.
So I was on a mission to figure out a better way.
I lucked out the other day when I found this Firefly toothbrush at the store.
Here’s how it works: when my daughters click a button on the handle, a light inside starts
blinking LED and does so for a full minute. During that time, the girls know that they still
need to be brushing. When it stops, that’s their signal that they’re done.
So now instead me «motivating» them with my raised voice, the blinking light will do it.
In the end I’m satisfied they have clean teeth, and they’re happy that I’m not yelling.
Of course, it’s nice that the toothbrushes have Hello Kitty designs.
So what does this have to do with your marketing?
Well, a lot of times when you look at trying to get our prospects and clients to look at some
ways to «encourage» them to take action, whether it’s a carrot or a stick, that really just
focuses on the motivation aspect of it.
That alone could work well, but there’s another way that you can approach it…
And that’s by shaping the overall environment.
In my daughters’ case, the environment was the toothbrush.
Rather than rely on my raised voice to get my girls to brush their teeth for the proper amount
of time, the toothbrush does it for them.

By modifying the «environment» rather than motivation, we’re all getting the results that we want.
So, how does that apply to your business?
One way is using this in your follow-ups with prospects.
«Follow-up failure» is one of the biggest profit leaks in a business, typically because it can
be such a grind. Although most sales come through after 6-8 follow-ups, many stop after only
2-3 follow-ups.
Some salespeople can overcome this inertia by thinking about the potential upside of their deals
as a way to motivate themselves to take action.
Instead, modify the environment by having your customer relationship management (CRM) software
do it for you.
After you deliver your presentation and proposal, you can have the software like Hubspot or
Infusionsoft send an unlimited number of follow-ups for you until the prospect buys.
Whether it’s an email, a voice blast, a hardcopy letter, the software can do it all for you.

The best part is that unlike people, software never gets tired, never forgets, and never needs
Another example is with your testimonials and referrals.
Let’s say you have a healthcare practice like a dental or chiropractic office.
At the end of the patient’s visit, if it was a good experience for them, there’s an opportunity
to get a testimonial and referrals.
Rather than rely on your staff to talk to the patient, especially if it’s a particularly busy day,
just give the patient an iPad to collect that data.
So as they’re waiting to settle out their bill to or schedule their next appointment, hand them
the iPad to fill out a «patient care survey» with a few questions that allow them to rate their experience.
If they rate their experience as pleasurable, the survey will direct them to a page that asks
for a testimonial and the email addresses of people they want to refer.
If they rate their experience as negative, the survey will direct them to a page that asks for
suggestions on improving their future visits.
So, that’s what I mean by using not only motivation but also a change in the environment so that
you can get the results that you want.
It will take some time and effort to set up the systems and software to create this type of environment,
but the reduction in time, effort, and stress can be well worth it.
Why do I share this with you?
Well, chances are if you are watching this video, you have questions about your own marketing systems
and approaches.
If that’s the case, I welcome you to reach out to me.
I deal with this every single day and I would love to have a conversation with you.
So, if you’d like for that to happen, simply go to PowerCallWithPhil. com and request a strategy session with me.
Well, that’s it.
Cheers to your success and talk to you soon!